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What Is


TMS2 brings together Vanadium & Transition Metal chemistry, R&D, technical support and production process knowledge & competences under one organisation. We offer high quality specialty vanadium chemicals & solutions alongside allied products used in gas processing as corrosion inhibitors and promoters for CO2 removal systems.

Gas Processing

Is Our Business

TMS2 calculates optimum concentrate blend and agrees mass balance equations with engineers. The solved output would provide options ranging from custom made 'corrective' liquid blend to restore Carbonate/Vanadate/Borate to target values as well as dosing or partial changeout/top-up.

We Offer


More than 25 years experience

Global production & logistics capabilities

Local stocks of products and/or consignment stocks at customers

Fast response with full analytical, technical and R&D support

Complete range of high quality Vanadium Chemicals/Solutions

Competitive pricing through optimized supply chain

Full REACH compliance in Europe and ISO 9001 Accreditation

ProAct & ProAct+ Benefits

Identical performance to other well-known products from competitors in Hot Potassium Carbonate CO2 removal systems

ProAct comes with a more competitive pricing structure, typical 20-30% lower cost

Better availability /service and offers greater operational ease of use and handling characteristics while delivering identical performance to industry alternatives

Potassium Carbonate-based CO2 Removal

Products & Applications For Hot Potassium Carbonate based CO2 removal:-

Range of Bensol Corrosion inhibitors–based on dry & liquid Vanadium compounds

Tailored make up solution – custom made to restore Potassium, Vanadium & Promoter to required minimum levels

Range of CO2 Promoters including ProAct/ProAct+ generic equivalents to other well-known competing products as replacement for DEA offering superior performance
We offer products for use in the following CO2 removal technologies:-

Benfield process (licensed by Universal Oil Products (UOP), US)

Catacarb process (licensed by Eickmeyer & Associates, US)

Giammarco Vetrocoke process (licensed by Giammarco Vetrocoke, Italy)
Gas Processing Markets Served include:-


Natural Gas Sweetening

Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol

Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Hydrogen Production


ProAct / ProAct+ Technical Comparison