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Operational Excellence Products & Services

  • HSE on the GO

    HSE-on-the-GO simplifies reporting processes greatly. The collaborative system greatly improves reporting & audit processes.

    Introducing a Mobile Apps solution with a cloud-powered administration engine that will revolutionise the way your organisation manages and track assets
  • TMS2 BV

    TMS2 brings together Vanadium & Transition Metal chemistry, R&D, technical support and production process knowledge & competences under one organisation.
  • Dynameco Aerosol

    The Dynameco aerosol fire extinguishing technology is based on a pyrotechnical extinguishing charge that is ignited electrically, thermally or manually.
  • Online Cleaning

    Offers a number of patented technologies to solve all the problems related to equipment cleaning
  • Sand Cleaning & Dispersion

    Sand Cleaning and Dispersion is a Combination of Mechanical and Chemical Treatment Process