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GHS/CPL Labelling

GHSCPL Labelling
GHSCPL Labelling

GHS/CPL Labelling comply under The Occupational Safety and Health (Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet of Hazardous Chemicals) Regulations 2013 (known as CLASS Regulations) –

What is GHS? It stands for Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals – A government regulation to communicate hazard information, as well as protective measures on labels.  Under the GHS standard, new labels must include several components so they are universally recognized including:

  1. Product Identifier: The commercial name and chemical name of the product should match the SDS.
  2. Signal Word: An alert to the severity of the hazard for example “Danger” or “Warning”.
  3. Pictograms: The GHS Pictograms are intended to quickly convey specific hazard information visually.
  4. Hazard& Precautionary Statement: Describes the nature of the hazard and advises measures to prevent adverse effects.
  5. First Aid Statement: Emergency care information.
  6. Supplier Information: Name, address and phone number of the manufacturer or supplier.

Labels that last

All labels serve a purpose. From safety warnings to proper care of the product, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of the information on your label. Serving a variety of industries from automotive, to electronic to horticulture and food packaging, we offer a wide variety of durable labeling options engineered to withstand the toughest elements.

IESB offers labeling solutions for the following:

  • Solvent Resistant Labels
  • Chemical Resistant Labels
  • UV Resistant Labels
  • Heat Resistant Labels

Our experienced team of experts will help you find a label that lasts.