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Our chemical range for lab & industrial scale are:-

  • Sulfolane
  • PDEB (Paradiethyle-benzene)
  • Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
  • Vanadium Pentoxide
  • Boric Acid
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Crude Glycol
  • Corrosion Inhibitor (Oil Soluble – Drilprod 97 )
  • Corrosion Inhibitor (Water Solution – Drilpod 96)
  • Heavy Degreaser – OrganoKleen
  • Organic Polymer for IETP/WWT – OrganoFloc
  • Non-oxidizing Biocide – Drilprod 90
  • Cooling Water System Scale/Corrosion Inhibitor/Dispersant – Sequeston 926


  • SULFOLANE is a clear, colourles liquid and used in the gas treating process (sulfinol make-up) for purifying acidic (or sour) gas stream i.e. the removal of compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, carbon oxysulphide, carbon disulphide and mercaptan in Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plants.


  • Shortly after the Sulfinol process was implemented, Sulfolane was found to be highly effective in separating high purity aromatic compounds from hydrocarbon mixtures using liquid-liquid extraction. This process is still widely used today in refineries and the petrochemical industry.


  • Sulfolane is one of the most efficient industrial solvents for purifying aromatics, the process operates at a relatively low solvent-to-feed ratio, making Sulfolane relatively cost effective compared to similar-purpose solvents. In addition, it is selective in a range that complements distillation, where Sulfolane cannot separate two compunds, distilillation easily can and vice versa, keeping Sulfolane units useful for a wide range of compounds with minimal additional cost.


Para-diethylbenzene (P-DEB).

  • Para-diethylbenzene is the specialty chemical, its main usage is as a desorbent of producing Para-xylene in Parex process and Fluxy process
  • Sole Agent in Malaysia from Taiwan