Routine Sludge Control for Crude Oil Storage

A device for directing a submerged jet of crude oil across a pre-programmed area of the bottom of a crude oil storage tank. The jet of crude oil, periodically introduced, is designed to dissolve and re-suspend sludge which has deposited during storage.

A tank fitted with the Solve sludge mitigation system can be maintained in a sludge-free condition throughout the storage cycle.


Benefits Of Routine Sludge Control for Crude Oil Storage

  • A tank guaranteed clean to hot-work standard at the end of the storage period.
  • Tank cleaning becomes a predictable maintenance expense rather than a lottery at the end of the storage cycle.
  • Sludge deposition will be monitored on an annual basis throughout the storage period (topographic survey).
  • Complies with the principals of IPC (Integrated Pollution Control), which while not yet applied to the oil industry, can be only a matter of time in coming.
  • Life Cycle cost benefits in terms of material loss control Significantly reduced costs for tank cleaning and sludge treatment/disposal.
  • Reduced Environmental risk. Improved Health and Safety for personnel in preparing the tank for internal inspection
  • Hazardous waste minimisation
  • Tank downtime reduced significantly during maintenance outage
  • 100% tank utilisation throughout the storage period
  • Improved crude oil dewatering
  • Eliminate the problems associated with ‘Boil-over’ should a fire occur.
  • Efficient product homogenisation
  • Minimise internal corrosion
  • Allows you to get on with more important issues while we take care of sludge management in your crude oil tanks.