Dryer System for Industrial Effluent


Usually, traditional drying apparatus needed to have the pre-treatment stages before drying.

Traditional drying apparatus requires several pre-treatment stages before drying. Screening removes larger particles, while smaller particles are separated out by a centrifugal device; this is to prepare the liquid waste for the condensing stage, because if any solid pieces remain in the liquid, the condensing apparatus does not work properly. The pre-treated liquid is then concentrated down to some 20%, which is then dried by mixing with other dried powder.

As an alternative, another method to dry the liquid waste by injecting hot air from the top of the incinerator. This method was not cost-effective, however, owing to the further treatment required for waste vapor and strong smells.



The Okadora Dryer requires no such pre-treatment at all. The process is as simple as loading and drying. The comparison in performance between the Okadora Dryer and traditional dryers is easily made: the Okadora Dryer outstrips traditional dryers in terms of installation costs, running costs, site space, and ease of operation.



  • From Liquified Sludge To Solid Sludge
  • No Pre-Treatment Required – Such As Screening, Centrifugal Separation Or Condensing
  • Okadora Provides High-Performance Drying With All Moisture Contents!