Lagoon & Pit Desludging System

Objective: Reduce to a minimum man-entry during the tank desludging phase and minimizing/eliminating residual waste for off-site disposal

Main Benefits: Confined space entry exposes any tank refurbishment project to significant risk to Health and Safety. Traditional degassing and sludge removal procedures contribute to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to the atmosphere and present significant Environmental Risk.


Benefits Of Lagoon & Pit Desludging System

  • Innovative internal design for treatment of crude oil sludge wastes
  • Designed for on site operation in remote locations, all maintenance items easily accessible
  • Heavy duty, extended operation periods.
  • Safe, simple to operate and maintain
  • Zone I rated
  • Fast processing rates, up to 10 – 15 cubic metres per hour of crude oil sludge waste
  • Reduces sediment in recovered oil to less than 0.5%
  • Maximises hydrocarbon recovery
  • Minimises waste for off-site disposal