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Online Cleaning

IESB together with our principal offers a number of patented technologies to solve all the problems related to equipment cleaning. This new and innovative method for cleaning, which has the following advantages over manual cleaning/hydroblasting:

  • Closed loop operation, without the need of opening the equipment
  • Safe and environmental friendly operations
  • No waste generation
  • No emissions



The technology for:

  • Online Cleaning of process plants
  • Online Cleaning of process equipment
  • Online Cleaning of packings
  • Online Cleaning of internals
  • Degassing / Decontamination of equipment
  • Degassing / Decontamination of process plants
  • Turnaround services
  • Cleaning of tanks / storage spheres
  • Cleaning of compressors (online / offline)
  • Online Cleaning of Texas Towers/Packinox
  • Online Cleaning of Feed/Effluent Exchangers
  • Online Cleaning of desalters
  • Cleaning of sludge pits
  • Cleaning of slop tanks
  • Cleaning of API separators
  • Soil Reclamation
  • Furnace anti-coke
  • Delayed coker and thermal processes distillation yield improvement



Turning the operation from Non-Optimised Condition to Optimised Condition by on-stream treatment system

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve throughput
  • Reduce giveaway
  • Reduce downtime
  • Prolong TA cycle