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Catalyst Unclogging Technology For Fixed Beds Reactors Unloading

This technology is to get rid of catalyst agglomeration in the reactors after the gravity unloading phase without inert entry, leading to increased safety (less hours of work under inert) and increased availability of the unit, jackhammering and/or manually shoveling of the agglomerated catalyst activities are avoided or sensibly reduced.


Gravity Unloading Hinders Recovery Of Predicted Spent Catalyst Volumes

CarboDump removes catalyst retentions via CO2 expansion cartridges.

Improved Safety

Reduced exposure of inert atmosphere.

Time Saving

Avoid severe planning deviation due to catalyst pluggings.

Catalyst Savings

CARBODUMP takes over to replace techniques that are otherwise destructive.
How Does


Co2 Blast = Instantaneous Discharge Of Co2 Gas For Loosening Catalyst Agglomerates Inside The Reactor

Multiple Points of Application


Situation For Use


Safe For The Environment


Agglomerated catalyst unclogging
mechanism via pressure waves of moderate value