HSE Training

HSE offers a comprehensive range of safety training programs for a variety of industrial applications.

For individuals and smaller groups, scheduled courses are offered at various HSE locations and times.

Larger corporate clients can choose the courses that best fit their needs and design a customized two to five day program for their staff. Our Complete Safety Training Programs can incorporate clients’ specific policies and procedures, and may be offered on site as required.

Available courses vary from location to location. They include, but are not limited to, those listed below. To view existing schedules, click your nearest location from the options above. If the course you want is not listed, or if you have any other questions about HSE’s training services, contact us to find out more: admin@iesb.my


HSE Types Of Training

1.HSE Training consists of: –
1.1 Plant Safety Induction
1.2 Standby Person and Fire Watch
1.3 Permit Acceptor
1.4 Safety at work

2.HSE Management (HSEMS) Training

3.Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist

4.Dangerous Goods Regulation & Awareness

5.Process System Training

6.Scheduled Wastes Management Training

7.Self-Defense Training


Identify Training Needs

It is helpful for all new health and safety representatives to have training that will cover:

  • the role of the representative, including how to communicate in
  • committee meetings, with colleagues for views, with employers to raise issues, and with health and safety inspectors;
  • health and safety legislation;
  • how to identify and minimise hazards and dangerous occurrences;
  • health and safety issues of new technology; and
  • how to carry out a workplace inspection and accident investigation (not required but recommended for non-union elected representatives)